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Ech0 Wall of Fame
Ech0 project is certainly about fun, friendship and group activity!
Oriented rather towards more matured players as potential members.
If you're LFC and you value clan spirit (that is really exceptional here) and want to play the game the way as it was originally intended to be played (i.e. without cheating) then considering Ech0 option looks like a must!

[Ana at official forums' recruitment hall, mid-2009]

- Before you consider to apply for a spot in Ech0, please read our clan rules. They are found HERE. You will need to accept them before you finalize your application.
- To apply, please use the link in the upper right corner.
- Use your in-game name in the application, this will be your username in here and we want to keep track of who-is-who. All fields are mandatory and must be filled in correctly avoiding one word answers so please be thorough. We will get back to you very soon here and in-game for a chat.
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